Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just Hatched Out!

Ooopps! I just noticed the blue and yellow one has no feathers on it's tummy..
Last night someone I adore asked for one of these.. I made her those two today..
Love you and Happy Birthday Jewl..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baking Day

Is there anything yummier than a cupcake and a cup of hot very sweet Turkish coffee?
Yes!! A chocolate muffin and a mug of very hot sweet tea.. with milk+saffron+cardamom..
MMmmmMMmm.. I used to bake a lot some time of my life.. I tried all kinds of cakes.. and
I turned every cake into a cupcake.. until my oven went kookoo!!
I guess every girl passes through that stage.. like the photography stage.. then comes the cupcake stage..
now it's my felt cupcake stage.. come to think of it.. it's Zero calorie.. a long shelf life (unless
it's dusty !).. and so adorable..

Julius Versus Fettucini

This is Fettucini.. It's ain't a monster.. it's a little birdie.. made by Fatemah
my daughter ( 11 years).. so this is the bliss of summertime.. Mother and daughter
stitching time..

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I made this monster this morning.. after what? something like more than two months of no
stitching no sewing.. I really missed my creative days.. summer could be the least productive month of the year.. with kids all around me.. all the time.. jumping and shouting and draining my energies..

This is a summer born monster, hence called Julius!! He's not rude, since his tongue is sticking out, but he is always excited and drools all the time over almost everything..

He has a back pack too.. cool? mo?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Oscar de la Felta!

I made this last year.. It's on sale now.. out of season I know.. but if you are kind enough
you will consider it a vintage.. I learned how to do it from a beautiful book I bought from
amazon called "softies".. It's loaded with stuff to make from fabric that will add a little
cuteness and smile to life.. you know what?? I'll put that gadget here that shows all
the books I love and where you can find them.. I'll learn about that now!

Uber Beasts..

So these are the colorful adorable dollies I bought straight from their maker,
from the market in the Covent Gardens in London.. The artist has her own blog and she asked
me to email her a photo of them to wherever I will be putting them back in my home..
she thought they'll be for my daughter.. a aaa! They're mine..
the 2 headed monster is called the Toxic Twins.. you can see more of her creations here..

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Utter Cuteness

Found these so edible.. so yummy cupcakes and donuts at Pottery Barn Kids..
Reason I bought them: I wanna make my own.. hehehe.. want another excuse??
I loooooved them.. hehe.. childish me..
I have a weak point towards the following: felt, colors, cupcakes, handmade,
cuteness, cupcakes, colors, felt, cupcakes.. wanna hear more? cup..

anyhow.. pottery barn kids and pottery barn are inviting.. but items looked much prettier
en masse than bought and displayed alone at home..

Pretty finds..

Found these adorable swedish designs through decor8.. so fresh so summery..
The textile jars are so pretty, inspiring to make like them.. can hold pencils and crayons..
or for the car.. A handy pocket for coins..

And the pillows are lovely too.. you can see more here..

Decor8 blog is one inspiring place.. It's a must visit..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nelly the Elephant

Those colorful and some very beautiful elephants were scattered everywhere in
London, part of some sort of save the monkeys campaign..
If I were to make one I'd make it from white fabric and denim feet, and would doodle
all over it with embroidery.. some buttons.. felt.. and lots of ribbons..
a walking advertisement of Comfort..

No one thought of Sworovosky crystals.. cause no Kuwaiti artists were involved I assume..

Worming up for Apple

When the 4G hit the market in London, I thought why not buy one..
Especially that I was waiting for it's arrival since January 9th. as a birthday present
for my brother..
I went to Regent's Street Apple Store and saw the long queue, even though it was almost
the end of the day..
Next day I tried their store at the Westfield mall, and it was as bad.. the thing is, the queue
didn't get shorter.. I went shopping around, had my lunch I refreshed came back and the queue
stayed as long! I gave up on the idea and only then I learned the fact that only people with British bank accounts can buy it at that time.. or something like that..
It's the Arabic blood in me that makes me resistant to queuesss :-))

I'm back..

I've been to London for a while.. everything was inviting for a blog entry..
yumnmy weather, scrumptious food, intimidating shops and a lot more..
thing is, my hands were full, and had no room for a camera and the luxury
to document everything with a photo..
Although! when I wrapped up my trip with a visit to the loveliest of lovelies,
The Covent Gardens, took a few..
I was lucky to capture a moment of an artist during an artistic moment..
her dolls are just adorable and made me drool over them.. took her permission
to take a photo and that's what I got..
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