Saturday, July 24, 2010


I made this monster this morning.. after what? something like more than two months of no
stitching no sewing.. I really missed my creative days.. summer could be the least productive month of the year.. with kids all around me.. all the time.. jumping and shouting and draining my energies..

This is a summer born monster, hence called Julius!! He's not rude, since his tongue is sticking out, but he is always excited and drools all the time over almost everything..

He has a back pack too.. cool? mo?


Oleana said...

cute! I have been following your blog for some time now and i love what you do mashala. I looked on your blog for a contact email but couldnt find it. Can you please email me on :)

MrENG said...

My GOD this is so cute!
Now I wish to see the even cuter monster HogoBogo!

Noon said...

HogoBogooooo!! shakhbareee.. I totally forgot about it.. it's no monster anymore... I thought you tamed it..

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