Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gift Exchange

A friend of my daughter gave her this precious crocheted tissue case, made by her grandmother..
I loved it so much.. although crochet is an intimidating subject to me, just like when mentioning
Calculus and Physics when I was in university.. It's something I will never learn even though am
so dying to..
Maybe crochet is something I will work on to learn and finish many projects for the year 2011..
So 2011! wait for my needle and a stash of colorful threads!!

So in exchange.. I made her this tote.. and I hope she will like it..

Ali's owls..

I made this bag today for my Son's teacher. Ali, my son, thought of the owls. He told me that she
taught him how to draw an owl once. I reminded Ali that she taught him a whole lot of other
things beside the owls.. Miss Kirsten was also the teacher of my eldest daughter.. We all admire
her patience, sense of sensibility and the way she stays calm with very bubbly children..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My First Customer

My friend asked for a case for her iPhone.. so voila!! It came with a gift.. a matching bag..
I just loved her reaction.. she sent me a dozen of messages on the What'sApp! I have to say
that she's a whatsapp addict! So I don't know when she'll use the case when she never puts
her phone down!!
I love you so much LB.. and keep those jokes coming..
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