Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bliss Of Declutter

I drew these almost 6years ago in attempt to turn them into stickers. I should update their
look and turn this wish to reality. Obviously I was enjoying water coloring. I still do. You should
try it as well.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy 8th

It's Ali's 8th Birthday.. We all had a splendid colorful evening with his friends from school.
Funny thing Ali was expecting to grow up in a matter of a day.. He was looking at his body
how it have might changed overnight! I can tell now how spiderman has affected his mentality,
He noticed that his feet can touch the ground when he sits in the car, or (he claims) that he has
grown out of his school's blazer! "Mom my jacket is smaller now! I will tear it if I move!".
8 year old imagination.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mollie Makes

I love this Mollie Makes magazine.. It contains all the treasures of arts and crafts.. I keep
forgetting to subscribe to it.. I have missed many issues now.. I'll add that to my checklist..
Mollie! Wait! I'm coming..

Monday, January 23, 2012

Found By Serendipity

I'm not sure if I found happiness by serendipity or I have lost myself in it. I've been
restless lately, doing so many things at once, jiggling balls, climbing walls.. I've gone mad!
I literally miss blogging.. What's app. and twitter took the most of my web/socializing time.
I have not sew a stitch lately with my machine! Huh! Miss it!
I've been decluttering and decluttering and decluttering like a mad woman! Turned (officially)
to a compulsive disorder.. Getting rid of everything I have.
Maybe that's why I stopped being crafty, until the road is clear I will start again..

I've decided I wanna live. And every minute should count. 2012 should be a peaceful one. I made
peace with my kids. I don't mind them shouting around, fighting, messing the house up
anymore, it's their house too and they are children only once in their life and in mine, and they
will grow out of it in no time, and I bet I'll be missing their chanting someday.

As for this year's resolution, I'm full of them.. The list is long. So far so good. I've done great
until now. I'm serious about change, and I'm loving it. And I think this age of mine is helping, so
it's not all willpower and the sorts, it's age, no it's not frustration.
My spending, eating, sleeping, thinking habits all should be improved. I'm getting an update

So I hope all of you had your Biggies in 2011 and will have more of them this year too. This year
or this day will only happens once, so seize it! Man I'm full of wisdom this morning! ;-p

Ok! My daughter says I'm yellow! I really love yellow! I saw this yarn, and so loved it. I'm
crocheting it into a long scarf.. Best time to crochet and knit, it's so freezing cold these days in

Happy cool weather,
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