Sunday, July 4, 2010

Oscar de la Felta!

I made this last year.. It's on sale now.. out of season I know.. but if you are kind enough
you will consider it a vintage.. I learned how to do it from a beautiful book I bought from
amazon called "softies".. It's loaded with stuff to make from fabric that will add a little
cuteness and smile to life.. you know what?? I'll put that gadget here that shows all
the books I love and where you can find them.. I'll learn about that now!


Another-Penelope said...

mashalla great work, I have seen these kind of creative from eastern asia and I finally found a talented kuwaiti woman like you who could design and create such things Im proud of you but how come ur still not being heard yet but someday you will inshalla :) keep it up.

Noon said...

Oh Thank you thank you.. that comment of yours made my day.. you gave me a dose of energy to make some new stuff.. :-)))

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