Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baking Day

Is there anything yummier than a cupcake and a cup of hot very sweet Turkish coffee?
Yes!! A chocolate muffin and a mug of very hot sweet tea.. with milk+saffron+cardamom..
MMmmmMMmm.. I used to bake a lot some time of my life.. I tried all kinds of cakes.. and
I turned every cake into a cupcake.. until my oven went kookoo!!
I guess every girl passes through that stage.. like the photography stage.. then comes the cupcake stage..
now it's my felt cupcake stage.. come to think of it.. it's Zero calorie.. a long shelf life (unless
it's dusty !).. and so adorable..


Fate said...

Wow looks great. Can't wait to see more

Fatimah malek said...

I would like one with strawberry on top :) :P

very pretty :)

Noon said...

Thank you Fate..
Fatima: ee wallah! I'm craving brownies now!!

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