Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chunky Totes

What was I thinking when I took these images.. They look like criminals just caught under arrest!!
But come on! you have to admit that these houses are cute cute cutezzz!!
Colorful houses and trees seem to be the easiest thing to think of..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4th Generation i-phone

Made with love out of felt fabric.. Love: of all-mac-apple-awesomness and love of another dear brother.. it has a pocket from the back, where he can slip his phone in it.. soon I'll be making one for the i-pad.. I will be beating Louis Vuitton's i-pad cases!! khkh

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Joyful Aliyah..

Aliyah is my second daughter.. she's 7 now.. I've always associated her with pastel colors.. I painted her room baby blue, purple, very light green and pink.. The pink wall looked like tylenol syrup.. I had to cool it down.. so I made her those 2 white frames with cupcakes.. maybe I had low blood sugar at that moment.. couldn't come up with something else.. it's a temporary solution though..

One Amazing Woman!

I don't think anybody who came across Genine's blog didn't fall in love with her style.. Her style is just smashing.. She inspires and charms..
Nothing that she does is not perfect.. her watercolor, sewing, decorating her house.. To me, she's a super artist.. Her blog is a must visit.. and believe me it will be a habit..

Monday, April 26, 2010

To My Brother..

I made these purses for my brother.. he carries a blackberry, which thought will need a protective case.. he drives a black Volks Wagon.. which explains the W V on the wheels.. he treasured these cases, but not as much as I treasured his reaction towards making them..
I just love the way he studies the details of things I make and opens his jaw with OWE!
I love you brother..

Cuddly Cushions..

I made these cushions last summer.. Tariq and Rawan are siblings.. Their mother asked for cushions to decorate their room.. but didn't specify the design.. I got inspired by the job of Tariq's father, he works at a company that builds ships..
Rawan's cushion, a bag, well! all girls love bags.. petty I didn't take a picture of the back! Colorful.. again, fabrics from IKEA..

The season of Owls..

I made the owl out of felt.. My daughter saw one of these in monsoon, and wanted it so badly.. she's 10.. I told her making one is easy and is more fun to carry around than a ready made one..
I showed her how.. and she promised to make a dozen of them.. I shall encourage her.. I'll post it here if she does any..

More Handbags..

I'm using IKEA's fabrics.. love their fabrics.. Very tempting to buy even if I have no plans ahead.. I bought many.. hoping that one day I'll turn them into projects..
now they are sitting neatly on my shelf.. waiting for their destiny..

I apologize for my poor pictures.. they are dim..

My First Handmade Bag..

This is my first handbag.. completely handmade.. I gave it to a friend of mine.. had to take a picture of it just before giving it.. I turned around to look for a bright spot in the room.. I shall make more of this size..

A New Book Is Released!

I've always been a fan of Syko's work.. She was my number one inspiration in handicrafts..
her work is candy to the eyes.. she also has a shop at etsy..
And now she has is it all in a book of her own.. I can't wait till october when it's officially released..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday To A Very Special Girl!

Today is the birthday of one of my favourite friends..
who I adore so much and admire even more..
She happens to be a second cousin of mine and a sister in law..
we grew up together.. and boy! I cherish those beautiful memories so dearly..

She is a blogger, beside hundred other things.. and one should not miss her posts

Wish you all the best dearest Fate..

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