Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hooked Up!

I'm totally totally hooked up.. Can't stop myself from crocheting.. I feel so happy that I have
picked up the basics, and soon I shall move to crocheting hats and afghanis :-))))
I did try to crochet long ago, but only now I have gathered the will to do it.. I used KLUTZ and suddenly I returned to a 13 year old me.. am not gonna tell you how long ago that was ;-)
I feel now 10 stitches longer and full of stitchy thoughts.. I don't feel guilty sitting watching a movie any more, although I haven't watched any yet, as long as I have something else to do while watching.. all what I need now is yarns and yarns of vibrant colors that shout " Oh please crochet me!", and I 'll need a fireplace to keep me warm while crocheting, a dozen of cute cuute kittens to play with the yarn, a cup of hot chocolate milk sprinkled with marshmallows ( I don't really eat that! but it sounds scrumptious) and some soft music playing in the background.. stay crocheted, while I finish my lovely stitchy projects I have in mind..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alexander Girard

I adore Girard's designs... his textiles and wooden dolls.. his bright color combination.. tsk tsk
I bought these from Istanbul long ago.. But found many more in Selfridges, London last October..
I wonder if he has any books of his own on graphic or textile design.. hmmm.. must look..

Red Kittens

Was it last year when I made this? or the year before? Lost count of days.. this year flew by really fast.. This bag was a birthday present for a precious, one of a kind niece ..

Feeling Yellowish Tonight

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