Friday, August 12, 2011

Perfect Ramadhan Kaftans

I think these Marchesa(s) make the best Kaftans for Ramadhan's 29 and 1 Arabian nights..
All images pulled from STYLE.COM..

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Anthropologie ( A Love Story)

Remember my last last last post about my custom made sofa.. how I chose teal, yellow and orange.. That was almost five months ago.. Then I was in LA this summer and went to Anthropologie and saw the color combinations.. How things were beautifully put together, and here you can see just the exact colors I was contemplating..
I so fell in love with the yellow bag.. I loved the soft leather, and the dazzling yellow.. but didn't know where I would use it.. until I make up the right excuse to have it I can always buy it online.. didn't buy any clothes from there, but I bought some books and stationary made by my favorite artists and bloggers.. I will post about them soon inshallah!

Looooove the top in the last picture..

Book Lust

I will order my own ideal bookshelf.. would be a perfect framed art to occupy one of the living room walls..
You can see more here..

It will be a wide bookshelf indeed..

Old Love

remember once I posted about syko"s book? still don't know why and how I did not receive
that book.. hmmm.. I still love her work.. I go east I go west, I remain a loyal admirer of her
neat cute work and imagination..

mental note: half a dozen of these houses are not enough! A dozen will be perfect..
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