Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cutest Cards Ever

I received these cards for my kids, and I thought they are worth to post and boast about..
fabric and stitches is a marriage made in heaven.. leave alone being it attached on a print..
Thank you Aunt for your continuous generousness and filling our life with artistic one of a
kind gifts! Love, xxx..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Camping Indoors

It's the perfect season for camping here in Kuwait.. this home-made-child-safe tent was
created by bored yet creative little minds.. usually I don't allow kids to mess around, but
I won't say no to constructive mess!

Birthday Goodies

I was confused for what would be the best combination for a goody bag.. kids at the party
were of varying group age(s).. but cuteness doesn't know a certain age.. and as long as there
are plenty of candies, no one is dissatisfied!

Happy 11th Birthday

Don't tell me why I chose white and yellow.. it just happened.. it was a splendid night.. best
part of course the no harmony no tuneful part of singing the song.. dooda dooda!
and blowing the confetti..
Happy Birthday Precious Toooom..
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