Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just Hatched Out!

Ooopps! I just noticed the blue and yellow one has no feathers on it's tummy..
Last night someone I adore asked for one of these.. I made her those two today..
Love you and Happy Birthday Jewl..


lauren carney said...

hello lovely one!
i'm swooning over your fanciful pictures and am simply delighted by your blog!
thank-you for such splendid posts! x

Noon said...

Oh dear! Thank YOU for a lovely lovely comment.. Come again and enjoy.. :-D

shrinkinmama said...

I Love you Noon ,,god bless you and ye5aleech 7agi :)

Noon said...

o yekhalleech 7aggee ya galbee.. o 7ag kil 7ababybich.. love you

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