Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gift Exchange

A friend of my daughter gave her this precious crocheted tissue case, made by her grandmother..
I loved it so much.. although crochet is an intimidating subject to me, just like when mentioning
Calculus and Physics when I was in university.. It's something I will never learn even though am
so dying to..
Maybe crochet is something I will work on to learn and finish many projects for the year 2011..
So 2011! wait for my needle and a stash of colorful threads!!

So in exchange.. I made her this tote.. and I hope she will like it..


Fate said...

Cute :)

YK! said...

The bag is absolutely beautiful!
Love the contrast of the simple white and the crazy colors!! good Job!

Noon said...

Thank you YK!
and I appreciate your comment :-)

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