Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ali's owls..

I made this bag today for my Son's teacher. Ali, my son, thought of the owls. He told me that she
taught him how to draw an owl once. I reminded Ali that she taught him a whole lot of other
things beside the owls.. Miss Kirsten was also the teacher of my eldest daughter.. We all admire
her patience, sense of sensibility and the way she stays calm with very bubbly children..


Confashion said...

Omg! That's very adorable!! I love your talent! If you're doing this as a business, please send me pics!

Noon said...

I'm honored with your visit to my blog dear Confashion..
The word business always freaks me out..
But I'm thinking of making some of these bags and maybe participate in one of those annual exhibitions..
And you'll be the first one to know about it!:-)

A.SH.B. said...

i totally do agree with confashion! i really want one!;p they r so cute all of your work are great keep it up *love cute kuwaiti talents*

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