Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm Back

and I love it so much when I return home after such a long vacation.. I start to love my place
all over again.. and surprise surprise, I had my custom made sofa waiting for me.. it was a
delight receiving it after a 4 month waiting.. I chose the colors.. my favorite vibrant yellow and orange for the pillows.. and the lightest teal.. oh I love teal.. teal and yellow were on my mind
all summer long.. aaah! I'm glad I'm done with this tiny tv room..
the last picture shows our old sofa, invaded by stains.. now that it's leaving us I feel sorry
for it.. all these memories, the spilled milk, the butter from the movie time popcorn, my morning
teas.. it's almost like a precious scrapbook you want to keep in the attic.. I will keep it anyway, I
will start my quest and hunt for new fabrics though, I will give it another chance and a newer

just a little mental note: books and magazines make the best decorative accessories..

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