Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Better View that I have moved my seating towards a new angle, am able to enjoy a glimpse of my favorite painting while sipping on my tea or enjoying my sweet coffee.. my blue quadro.. it's been abandoned all this time, but enjoyed within seconds when I pass by it dashing from one room to another..
I believe in the power of paintings, drawings and colors.. a quick journey to colorful Eden in just a split second when you lay eyes on them..
what I regret most, that I came back from the US empty handed, with no framed art to hang on my wall, that would've been a happy reminder of one beautiful journey.. I still have many white walls waiting to be filled with a window to some pretty art or a nice memory..
Luckily, I do have a beautiful piece waiting to be framed and appreciated.. it was copied by
my daughter at school.. I will make her do more of these goodies..
The last picture shows my daughter's painting.. isn't it a candy to the eye?

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