Monday, May 23, 2011

Stichy Show

I have participated for the first time in a little show organized by my friends last weekend..
the " First Collection" Show..
The event was very well put together.. Draperies, leather bags with golden chains, blingy
and silky hair bands, bokhoor and Oud were all distributed beautifully around the hall..
Girls modeling the shirts and Darra3as, with accessorized hair and very high heels walking
around with scrumptious home made sweets and pastries.. Lots of tea and lots of aromatic Arabic coffee..
Thank you Lovely E and Z for giving me the opportunity..


Fate said...

Congratulations! Hope you enjoyed it :)

Noon said...

Thank you Fate Dear.. it felt good Yeah!
How is everything? I hope you are doing great..
Good Luck in everything you do..

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