Monday, March 14, 2011

My Real Journal Entries..

This is a sneak peek of my own journal.. diary.. I keep journals and write in them religiously!
But sometimes I have no plans, no events to write about, so I end up doodling.. And I'm in
mood for squareness these days.. squirky!
I've got a stack of them old diaries.. in two years time, I can climb on them and reach the


Confashion said...

wow! You're sooo talented! Did you actually draw these characters yourself?! I LOVE them mashallah!

Noon said...

Thank you Confashion.. thank you for stopping by.. yes, these are my very own.. I'm thinking I make them out of felt to decorate bags and iphone cases.. :-)

Mastuu said...

the doodles are so cuteeee :)
wht abt givin a tutorial on em ;)

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