Thursday, March 24, 2011


Finished it today.. Started on it last night.. It will be my belated Mother's Day gift to my
Mother in law.. I hope she will like it.. she has always appreciated my handmade bags.. always
encouraged me to do more..
I know she deserves way way way better than this, I will make it up to her next time I win the
lottery! ;-p

Her house is on the sea, and has a beautiful garden.. Her house is always full of aromatic smells,
from tasty food she prepares for us and perfumeries she diffuse.. and hence came the house on
the coushion with pleasant smells and a big loving heart coming out of it..


Rynae said...

Good stuff keep it coming.

Mama Bear said...

what a cool pillow! Good job - the ties at the back are a cute touch too - rather than the normal 'zip'

Noon said...

Thank you Rynae.. Thank you Mama Bear.. ur comments mean a lot to me :-)

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