Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just In Case!

I made this case for my phone this morning.. The poor thing has experienced all sorts
of free falls and scratches.. after all, apples are bound to fall, aren't they Mr. Newton?!
and phones are bound to be scratched.. In this case, scratches are minimised, and falls;
will be falls with style!


shrinkinmama said...

lovely case ,,mashallah ur work is getting better and better :)

Computerchi said...

Apples will fall due to law of gravity according to Sir Issac Newton. But the work is lovely and I loved every part of it.
You are not only a master stichy artist, but also a wonderful photographer and a funny writer.
All the best,

Noon said...

Oopsy daisy! It was Newton wasn't it? Now that explains why i was so smashingly brilliant in physics!

Noon said...

Thank you computerchi.. I appreciate your notes :-)))))

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